March Is Nutrition Month! Eat Right To Smile Bright


IN HONOR OF NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH, we’re sharing a basic guide to a diet that supports your healthy teeth and mouth! Read on to learn how to keep your mouth happy…

Eat More Of These
Leafy Greens: Dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, and collard greens have calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, and magnesium; all essential for healthy teeth and gums.

Cheese, Milk, and Yogurt: Dairy is a delicious source of calcium, which supports strong bones and teeth.

Kiwi, Oranges, And Other Vitamin-C-Rich Foods: Vitamin C boosts your body’s ability to fight infection that causes gum disease.

Eat Less Of These
Soda And Energy Drinks: These acidic, sugary drinks attack and gradually deteriorate your protective tooth enamel.

Sticky Candy, Gummies, And Dried Fruit: These foods stick in your teeth and continue to bathe your teeth in sugar for hours after eating.

Highly Processed Carbs: This includes crackers, white bread, and pastries, which feed decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Dr. Augustyniak saw an example of “soda mouth” earlier this year.  The young male patient, who had an 8 – 10 sodas a day habit presented with extreme tooth decay on both his upper and lower teeth.  The only treatment possible to save his teeth was to crown all of his front teeth.  We completed his treatment with a firm recommendation to drink no more soda, diet or otherwise.

Soda Mouth

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