Why Implants?

Restore your beautiful smile

Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, implants are an excellent option to replace them and restore your looks as well as a functioning bite.

If you already wear dentures, multiple implants can be placed to allow for a range of options.  With 2 implants a denture can have better retention.  With multiple implants a hybrid denture that is screwed in place can be fabricated.

The treatment takes about one month from consultation up to the first surgery and another 2~3 months until the periodontal bones and implant are fixed firmly and the prosthesis is mounted. The period could be extended to 6~9 months depending on the condition of the jaw bones and mouth, chewing strength, and difference in the implant system. Nowadays, however, the development of a variety of implant methods and systems has shortened the treatment period.

All consultations and second opinions are free.

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