Oral Debridement

Why Oral Debridement?

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The American Dental Association recommends a hygiene cleaning every six months. research has proven deposits (tartar) left on the teeth any longer than six months can cause damage.

The tartar builds up in layers that migrate above and below the gum line. These layers are a home to harmful bacteria that destroy the support system, gums and bone, that keep the teeth in place. When someone has not had a professional hygiene cleaning in over six months, the build-up of deposits may be so great that it is difficult to adequately examine the teeth and mouth tissue.

An oral debridement removes the layers of deposits, stain, and plaque, (soft debris). The hygienists have topical ointments, as well as a local anesthetic, Oraqix. These products make the visit comfortable without the long lasting numbing effect of an injection.

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